Conférence à USC (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)

On Wednesday 15 of Novembre 2017, USC university presented “Hitler, My Neighbor” authored by eminent historian Edgar Feuchtwanger. The memoir, co-written with French journalist Bertil Scali, gives the account of the Nazi rise to power from Feuchtwanger’s unique perspective as a young boy from a prominent German Jewish family living in Munich with Adolf Hitler as his neighbor for nine years. In this time Germany was transformed into a dictatorship, and in 1939 Feuchtwanger (now 93) fled to England where he would go on to become a respected professor of history. Amazingly, he has said, the Nazis never figured out that prominent novelist Lion Feuchtwanger, despised by Hitler, was his uncle. If they had, he would not have been present to introduce the English edition of his book published this month to the over 150 guests in attendance. The successful event was organized by USC’s Exile Studies Librarian, Michaela Ullmann, and moderated by USC Professor of History, Paul Lerner.